Ontrend Accents Accessories offers a wide variety of reasonably priced, longer-lasting, high-quality fashion jewelry.  Our worldwide supply chain enables us to source unique Jewelry aside with our own affirmation jewelry line.

Our headquarters’ is located in North Carolina. It is owned by an engineer and entrepreneur who loves Jewelry and has been inspired her by pieces she collected from her travels from around the world.  “Jewelry can transform an outfit, attitude and assist in making people feel good.  It’s like Music, a universal language that enables a person to channel their mood and personality through the pieces they choose to accent their outfits. You can pick pieces for the occasion simultaneously experience different cultures designed across the world in your fashion.   While giving voices to causes, goals, and affirmations adorned in the trendiest gold, silver, leather, and other hypoallergenic metals. I started this business to simply help people feel good about themselves! It helped me transform my look during my battle with Cancer.

We donate a % of our profits to different causes. We post new jewelry pieces weekly and most of our items you will not find in your traditional jewelry store.